Sobre nosotros

The Visual Road is an online cultural platform which has the goal of being a bridge between cultures. It is a collaboration spanning two countries: Spain and Australia. Our intention is to work on, display and share our own cultural projects and other programs from professionals in the cultural sector with whom we collaborate.

We are an international and multidisciplinary team, working in different areas such as:

Design and management of exhibitions, fiction, documentary, video editing, graphic design, photography, journalism, marketing, communication and events.

Nuestra filosofía

We strongly believe that culture is an essential element for living a full life. Culture is a way of life and can be the guide for a complete life. The expression of culture presents itself in many ways: rock paintings like those of our ancestors, sculpture, video art, cinema, gastronomy and much more.

Through the ages, the human being has always found a means to express the life they live.From Picasso’s Cubism to the Arnhem Land Bark paintings in Australia, we realise that what is important is to grow up with roots which define our identity.

These roots have an important and an amazing function: they remind us where we are from, who we are and help us in our evolution.


  • Mariano Cuesta


I spent most of my childhood between Toledo, Madrid and Barcelona with most of my time spent in Melilla.

When I was thirteen, I moved to Seville where I developed my studies and professional career.

I worked in RTVE (Spanish National TV, in the Andalucia region) and Localia TV. After that, I had a great experience working for Karl Lagerfeld on a project which consisted of a multimedia catalogue for Aurelia Medina in 2002.

In 2006 I became the official photographer for the Telefonica Foundation and held the position until 2010.

I worked in several press agencies in Seville and Madrid as Quum Communication.

Nowadays I’m a photographer and I’m also a blogger for a national newspaper in Spain

  • María Martínez


I was born in Malaga (Spain). I attained a bachelor’s degree with honours in Art History from the University of Granada (Spain). After that, I undertook a master in museology over two years at the same university.

I specialise in design and managing exhibition projects with experience in museums and art galleries. I have been very lucky to have also worked as a cultural manager for several years.

Curiosity brought me to the Antipodes, to Perth, Western Australia, where I’m now living. It was here that I encountered the art of the oldest living civilizations in the world: the art of Indigenous Australians.

I’m interested in the neurological processes of the brain and how art affects the working of the human mind.

I agree with the idea put forth by Spanish Nobel Prize winner Dr. Santiago Ramón y Cajal: “Everyone can be the sculptor of their own brain.”